Stenprosjekt AS

Natursten - Benkeplater - Fliser - Mosaikk - Installasjon

Naturstein butikk i Oslo. Alle typer of Naturstein til benkeplater, gulv, vegg, badrum og kjøkken. Spesialiserer i fabrikasjon av benkeplater til kjøkken; Kalkstein benkeplate, Granit benkeplate og Marmor benkeplate. Vi selger også fliser, stein mosaikk og glass mosaikk. Vi har naturstein servanter i marmor og granit,servant batterier og Kjøkken batterier fra Tapwell.  


Limestone flooring can be a good option for homeowners seeking good looks and resilience. While not as hard as marble, it is an extremely durable material and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Though a pricier option than other tile materials, the durability of limestone often outweighs the additional cost. As a natural substance, limestone is desired by many interior designers for the variety of natural colors in which it is found. In addition to cream, limestone comes in shades of gray, green, blue, brown and red. The fossil-like veining that runs through the stone adds texture to the flooring, increasing its appeal. It is also hypoallergenic, allergen- and bacteria-resistant.